Monday, January 31, 2011

A Camel Colored Fantasy

Hitting the ground running to start off the semester...but while I am daydreaming out the window and procrastinating all of the pages of readings - my wish list has of late been, yes, camel colored.  It is such a great color because it is so neutral, it goes with anything.  It can be worn with dark jeans or a pop of color, like the cute jumpsuit.

These brogues and the gloves aren't quite the color, but still beautiful and I am seriously thinking of getting the shoes!

Short sleeved sweater-H&M, Striped shirt-Gap, Ruffle skirt-H&M, Gloves-Modcloth, Brogues-Topshop, Jumpsuit-Topshop, Platforms-Topshop, Hat-Topshop, Bag-Modcloth
Have a lovely week <3

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

College and 2hr Delays

So the past week I have been packing and mentally preparing myself to go back to college and start doing homework and studying, instead of sleeping.  I had a long train ride down to get adjusted.

Today in Maryland it snowed less than an inch and we had a two hour delay.  Coming from central new york I had a hard time grasping this decision, since yesterday in my home town it got down to -14 degrees fahrenheit, and keep in mind there is at least a foot of snow on the ground and not once do they have snow days.  So, I guess I will welcome myself into the land of the wimps where beautiful, white, fluffy, harmless snow causes everyone to shut down.

But now that my rant is is a quickie outfit post that I wore a couple days ago.  The blazer is so warm, its a hand-me-down from my aunt, boots-rue 21, jeans-H&M and the sweater and coat are JCrew.  Well off to hit the books and then my Jane Austen lit class, so excited!!!!
My puppy decided to join :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Clockwork Orange!

My internet has been down for the past 3 weeks now.  I have since discovered how addicting it is, I was going crazy without it.
I went to a syracuse basketball game this weekend.  I unfortunately left both my shirts at school.  As I was purusing my closet for orange to wear I found these shoes from H&M.  Just about the only orange I own in my extensive wardrobe.  I love them but they were quite unpractical in the snow.  I ended up in this t-shirt borrowed from my aunt.
Syracuse and orange.
This reminded me of a clockwork orange which I really want to see and read.  People have told me it's
good I just haven't had a chance.  Maybe that is what I will watch tonight.
I can't get enought of these great boots!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Smattering of Snow and Such

I know I've been a bad blogger.  It's been a bit hectic around here lately.  Its currently snowing like crazy outside.  I love snow its so pretty!  It makes me wish I was going skiing tonight.  Unfortunately I will probably just go home and curl up with tea and a book...not a bad idea either.  Here are some of my recent snow filled adventures and an outfit I wore to a party I went to.
The sun coming through the clouds was so pretty!

I went iceskating on the lake.  Wore a borrowed pair of leg warmers from my mother that I love.

Blazer-handmedown from my aunt (Pendleton) 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pudgy Puppy

The day after christmas is usually a shock to the system.  Today was that day for me, since the festivities and parties didn't stop until yesterday!  I was feeling pretty blahh so I thought I would post the outfit I wore to our family party.

Also tonight, we went to see some family friends and meet their new puppy.  She is the cutest thing ever.  She was sliding and rolling all over the place.  Too cute!  It cheered me right up.

I got too hot in the hand knit wool red sweater so ended up changing into this grey cardigan.
Such a sweetheart.  I love this ball of fuzz.

Sweater - handmade, Scarf - Marshalls, Tights - borrowed from mum, Shoes - Payless :)

Beginning of a Story

So this is my very first post!  I must admit I am rather nervous.  It is quite late at night and I am not sure if it's lack of sleep that I am finally going through with this.  I have been wanting to start a blog for quite some time.  Still I am not one to jump right into anything very quickly.

I thought I'd start this post with photos of a recent NYC jaunt I had.  Seemed appropriate just because, well frankly, New York City is awesome!!!!
Wall of old singer sewing machines in AllSaints was so incredible
This is my first time seeing this show and let me tell you, those little boys can DANCE!!!
Well this isn't a wonderful outfit at all.  The hat I bought it in china town and think is pretty nifty but it was really cold and windy in New York and having left college knowing I had cold weather gear at home, I wasn't prepared.  Hope everyone has had a great holiday so far.